"I haven’t stopped raving about Bron since my wardrobe edit and personal shopping experience. Working with Bron gave me so much more than an organised and revamped wardrobe. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen what a fabulous, confidence boosting experience I had. Bron is truly gifted at what she does – she helped me look at the clothes in my wardrobe in a whole new way and I had several new outfit combinations even before we went shopping! Bron showed me how to dress for my body shape, she helped me to look amazing and walk out my door with confidence every day. I don’t go shopping often, it’s not something I really enjoy, but shopping with Bron was different. We laughed and shopped and I felt pampered and special right from the beginning. Bron made me feel confident and helped me see how great I can look without having to go to great expense. I recommend Bron not just because she’s a talented stylist and brilliant shopper, above all, she is a genuine person. I never felt judged or embarrassed. Bron made me feel comfortable with my body shape and that sense of comfort and confidence returns every time I get dressed to go out!"  

Life Coach

I really enjoyed my wardrobe edit; what an amazing cleansing! Bronwyn made me feel very comfortable & understood throughout the process and she helped me to understand what clothes, colors, shapes & designs were best suited to me personally. Bronwyn really paid attention to my tastes & likes and used those as a solid foundation to build upon. The points & tips she has given me will make choosing my clothing so much easier now I know what to look for. Now all I have in my wardrobe are the clothes I love!


What a wonderful ride I have been on... Starting with a very tired, old and very overcrowded wardrobe to feeling like a liberated and empowered woman who, as the amazing Bronwyn put it... "Deserves to look good and feel great every time I put clothing on, even when going down to the local shops". This wardrobe edit is an experience I would never have thought I would ever have had the opportunity to do and I am very grateful for the time Bronwyn spent with me and I am even looking forward to actually going shopping armed with knowledge of my body type, rules and my signature style! I am exited about the next phase going on my personal shopping outing with Bron and have even ventured out this morning to start the process with the essential basics. I promise I am going to be a confident dresser exuding my personal style and personality and not being afraid to experiment. It was refreshing walking around the shops this morning able to determine what I picked up to try on was right for me and that it met with the rules! Thank you Bronwyn Horpinitch of Style Tonic Australia, you were very caring and and respectful and I felt like I had known you for years, even feeling very comfortable showing the bits I don't feel comfortable even showing myself. My next purchase... A full length mirror!

Emergency Management Officer

I feel so great since the clear out!! Didn’t realise how much stuff I had in my wardrobe that I didn’t wear and stuff that I did wear that weren't doing me any favours!! Been shopping already, bought some mid-rise straight cut jeans in dark blue and black… you know how I love my jeans!! Bought some shape wear from Kmart and am loving it, they were so cheap!! Honestly, what you did on Friday has made a huge difference, I feel more confident in what I choose from my wardrobe and when shopping… so thank you

Book Keeper, Commercial Cleaner, Mum

This wardrobe edit was a gift given to me by my family. I was rather hesitant at first but also realized that it could be good as I had recently lost a large amount of weight and much of my wardrobe did not fit me and was dated. In the end I was looking forward to it. Whilst the edit proceeded I found it quite liberating. I was strengthened with Bronwyn being there in getting rid of a variety of clothes and felt comfortable with her positive views on my wardrobe and what I can add to it. She also made me feel good about myself. At the end of it all my wardrobe was definitely much smaller but I am so looking forward to going shopping and updating and modernizing it to the definition of who I am. Thanks Bronwyn.

Kindergarden Teacher

I loved the personal shop! During the wardrobe edit you had identified some of the key pieces I was missing from my wardrobe which we picked up during the shop. Through your planning and careful selection of pieces, I felt like everything I tried on worked. This was such a different experience from when I would go shopping myself and try on loads of things that never fit quite right or didn't suit my body shape.. In the past, I would end up buying these clothes anyway and spend a fortune on pieces that didn't suit me and then regret it later. The personal shop was really enlightening but at the same time it was SO much fun. I had an absolute ball!

Account Manager

Thanks so much for everything Bron, you were a dream to work with and so professional 🙂


Today was the first time that I went shopping since my wardrobe edit and styling session with Bronwyn Horpinitch from Style Tonic last year. What a difference it made...in and out of two shops with a few try ons and I was sorted. If I had a question I send her a pic and she got back to me. Thank you Bronwyn. I no longer hate shopping PS. I can't believe how good I look in a pencil skirt...what was I thinking all these years!

Film Producer/Director

I was nervous about having a Wardrobe Edit, I'm not really fashion conscious and being plus sized made me even more anxious but I am so glad I did it! I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with Bronwyn and I never felt embarrassed or judged. I don't even need to buy a whole new wardrobe because Bronwyn showed me how to work with the clothes I already have and a few tricks to make the most of my wardrobe and body type. I now know what body shape I am, what colours, lengths and styles to wear with which shoes and accessories too. When I go shopping I know where to shop and what things to look for. My wardrobe is now a bit smaller, but much more functional and we even found a few hidden gems that I'd forgotten about! Bronwyn has shown me how to wear the styles I like and will be comfortable and confident in - for work, weekends, dates and socialising. It was a wonderful and very helpful experience. Every woman should have this done!

Graphic Designer

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your style advice & support. I love my new look! Before I was unorganised & a bit of a clothes hoarder. You have added so much organisation to my life. I start every day feeling confident in what I am wearing knowing that my clothes now compliment my body shape, style & life. You were a pleasure to shop with, bubbly, positive, constructive & very knowledgeable.  I have had so many compliments from friends, family & clients.  Thanks again, I will definitely be back!

Eye Lash Extentions & Make Artist Specialist

I have already told a group of friends about my experience. Not only was it fun but it was quite liberating. Although there is much less in my wardrobe, and I need to do some shopping, I don't get completely overwhelmed trying to find something to wear as I know that what is there suits my body shape and will give me that extra confidence.

Practice Manager - Chiropractor

You're a gem who can perform miracles! You've improved my confidence significantly and for that I am very grateful. I can now go to my wardrobe and feel confident that I'm going to look great in whatever I choose to wear. I've even had numerous positive comments from people on the pair of pants that scared me the most due to their bold print! I'm hoping it will help me step outside of my comfort zone next time.

Occupational Health & Safety Advisor