I believe in the possibility of change & growth
And I believe that this can be done while still being true to who you are on the inside – Your Truth, while still remaining elegant and confident on the outside – Grace, Style and Mindset!

As a fully qualified fashion stylist, completing my training with Cindy Newstead (CEO of Style With Cindy), the primary fashion stylist for Chadstone Shopping Centre, I created my company, Style Tonic Australia, to provide, ‘from the heart’ honest services in personal styling, and self-image.

As an image consultant for one of Australia’s most renowned image organisations (Suzan Johnston) I provided many one on one and group training sessions on image, walking with confidence and creating presence through verbal and non-verbal communication.  I have worked in television both in-front of (Channel 31) and behind the camera (ATV 10, GTV 9 & HSV 7) as a tonight show host and have produced for various, game-shows, reality and lifestyle programs. Plus I have generated a whole bunch of personal and emotional experience as a mother of two young boys as well!

My main focus and drive is to advise, support and encourage my delightful clients who are professional women, business owners, mums and women who just want to “find their style”.  It is always so rewarding to help you feel empowered, to always look and feel your awesome best!

If you’d like to give yourself a style and image boost and you’ve been sitting on the fence, give me a call or shoot me an email –  Lets do coffee to make things clearer.

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